05 May 2010


It's been too long since I posted last, hasn't it? Time for me to just stop posting here, I think. I did it for a while. It was fun. Then I started having to delete spam comments. Lots of them. From people who didn't realize I speak Chinese...and even if I didn't, translators do exist (though most are inaccurate). So...if you want to know why I won't likely ever post again, blame 4ちゃん people, because frankly, who else would spam someone in Chinese but Anonymous?

28 February 2010



No, I'm not going to explain further.
You owe me, John.
I told you.
You owe me.
Big time.

29 December 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy playing and frolicking and celebrating and skipping through fields (aka partying). I've been good and, more importantly, safe in the process, don't worry. I'm not much of a drinker (you've seen me, right? If not, here's a picture of my side. Do I look like I could handle more than a few drinks?) and what I did drink (a screwdriver...one...at each party) was poured by me and never left my sight. Haha! Tricked you, Mr. Spooky! I could be mean and post the names of the three people who asked me out (since they so willingly gave their names), but I'm a good girl, I am! Besides, they obviously haven't read this blog if they've asked me out.
Oh, and for christmas, I got money and booze (a bottle of vodka)! I'd offer vodka to people like I did with the noodles, but A) There's not a lot left, and B) It's my vodka, dammit! Besides, then I'd have to ID people and it would just be a hassle. Thankfully, I've become somewhat of a mixologist, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Anyway, class starts soon, so ciao!

22 December 2009

Tasty Noodles

I have some tasty, tasty noodles. Just thought you should all know. I'll get fat eating so late at night, but I wanted noodles. If anyone wants some and you know where I live, I have plenty. We can celebrate Christmas early with a feast of noodles. Thanks for at least considering it if you don't show up on time, but I should have enough for the next 24 hours on my own, so show up for a noodly breakfast! These noodles are round, thick, hot, and dripping in broth, much like...HA! Noodles! In fact, that's what they are! Made you think dirty, didn't I? Except for Dudel...you could really use some of these noodles. Don't worry, they're perfectly safe, just noodles and broth, no drugs or poisons or bodily fluids or soap or any other nastiness. Free noodles to readers! Just say "Zoltan". I'll give you noodles if I have them, but I won't open the door and I expect the tupperware back. I'll give you roughly a pint of noodly goodness through the crack in the door that's only as long as the chain holding it shut. That's just creepy if you want to get in and share your noodly goodness with me, because I won't accept it! (You could have drugged your broth! You are that kind of bezoomny chelloveck, after all. You'd poison a poor, defenseless devotchka and crast all her deng, not to mention tolchock her gulliver and commit the ultra-violence on her! In her own domy! Well, I'm not interessovated in that kind of grahzny chepooka cal. I'd razrez your yarbles!)

10 December 2009

I do, right?

I have recently been accused of not having a soul by someone I'm sure reads this blog, whether or not they admit to it. He said I need to find one before I can have a soulmate and he seemed rather insistent. He's wrong, right? I have a soul, don't I? Don't I? I'm not sure what it looks like because I haven't seen it in a while, but I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find it. Or do I really not have one? Where would I look? What if it's dusty or fragile or already broken? Is it something I could have sold like a chicken? What if it was the chicken? No, I don't think it was. Maybe I gave it to someone and thought it was a fruitcake? Maybe there's only one soul and I don't have it today? Maybe it really is like a fruitcake, being passed around for eternity. Maybe I didn't inherit one? Maybe there's a soul gene? I'm sure I would have gotten that, right? What if I have thousands of souls and lose one every month? What if it's something that girls don't have? Maybe it's like a hymen and breaks the first time? Maybe it's like something else and gets removed at a certain point in life? Well, if you're reading this, o great expert on souls, you could answer some of my questions? Maybe someone else can confirm that I do, indeed, have a soul? I promise a hug to the first person! It's redeemable upon actually meeting me in person, of course, and I'm a very busy girl. Maybe being busy a lot means I have no soul? What if I baked it into a cake? Mmm, soul cake.

03 December 2009

Apple Juice or Milk?

I was bored today, so I asked random classmates whether they preferred apple juice or milk and I was surprised; more than 3/4 of the 19 (16, specifically) I asked said milk! Why would anyone choose milk over apple juice in flavor? I personally like apple juice more if you couldn't guess that from my personality alone. I can't stand milk, especially not strawberry milk. Strawberries are good and milk is meh, but together, they're horrid! Terrifying! Who decided "hey, I'm going to mix a heavenly berry with some stuff that comes out of an animal!"? Perish the thought! It's wrong! An abomination! That person must be shot in the face after they die to make sure they don't invent anything else, even post-mortem! But what was I saying? Oh yeah. Apple juice is a wonderful substance capable of giving people superpowers! Who can say no to something that awesome?

And time for a random picture from IndyMogul of the YouTube community (introduced to me by Jikei): The Incredibly Pink Hulk!

01 December 2009

I'm sorry

This post is mostly for those who don't know much about me or haven't read other posts.
I just wanted to specify that while I don't always apologize for things, I do honestly care that I've done something offensive. I usually try to keep my mistakes in mind so I don't make them again, but if I come across as a bitch because I won't apologize, I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend, though I know that what I say can sometimes be offensive. I understand it if people are offended and I will try to remedy it somehow. I will not apologize, however, if someone tells me to because I do, occasionally, have the temper that matches my 12-year-old-boy-with-long-hair appearance.
I only bring this up because lately, my posts have been either incomprehensible or sexually-driven, and for that, I apologize. I'm not apologizing for my attitude at the time or the content of the posts, but that I shared them without considering how much others may be offended. I'll tone it down a little if I can. I know my readers (both of you that I know of anyway) and you're mature enough to handle the content, but I'm sorry anyway. I shouldn't have posted it without first thinking about what you expect to see on this blog. All I ask is that you forgive me for speaking like I have been instead of as the opinionated little bitch I am (and don't you dare chastise me for calling myself that).
And I'm sure at least one of you ("big brother", so to speak) would like to know what brought this on, but it's not hard to figure out. I'm alone and therefore not exposed to a certain environmental factor that alter my judgment. Instead of hot breath, I have hot bread. It's almost the same, only it's two letters off.